May 30, 2014

21 Facts You Didn't Know about Pitch Perfect

Buzzfeed lists 21 Facts You Didn't Know about Pitch Perfect including an “aca-innapropriate” blooper reel".

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May 29, 2014

Sing ! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival

Plenty of great a cappella music this weekend at the Toronto Vocal Arts Festival. Performing are Cantabile, The Nylons, Kinsey Sicks, Cadence, Rajaton, The Rainbows and many others.

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May 23, 2014

Tim Hauser Has Made A Sauce

Manhattan Transfer's Tim Hauser is not only a great bass singer but also an accomplished chef. He’s created a delicious pasta sauce, “I Made Sauce,” the name coming from his New Jersey childhood where families would ask people to stay for dinner, especially since “I made sauce.” Over the years, Tim has experimented with different ingredients and cooking techniques, and created his own pasta sauce recipes.

Here is Tim explaining why his sauces are so delicious. He has also started a Kickstarter campaign to produce the sauces commercially. Sounds good to me.

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May 19, 2014

2014 Harmony Sweepstakes results

2014 Harmony Sweepstakes National Champions Women of the World

A whole lot of people had a whole lot of fun at our 30th annual Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival National Finals held this past weekend in San Rafael, California. A sold out auditorium of a cappella fans were treated to a stellar evening of top notch a cappella singing with every group clearly demonstrating why they won their respective regional. There was a wide variety of styles of music on display that exemplified well the range of the unaccompanied human voice. And a big shout out to hosts The Honey Whiskey Trio who held the audience enthralled with their amazing three part harmony. Here are the results:-

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS - Women of the World
2nd - The Quintessential Five
3rd - Sea Note

Audience Favorite - Women of the World

Best Original Arrangement - "Heaven" - Arr. Grayson Villanueva - #FOURTY4B

Best Original Song - "Tales of War" - Buka Kartozia - Quintessential Five

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May 3, 2014

Kevin Spacey sings a cappella

On Friday night's Tonight Show Keven Spacey joined Jimmy Fallon and his barbershop group The Ragtime Gals to sing Talk Dirty.

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May 2, 2014

Hailee Steinfeld joins Pitch Perfect 2

It was announced today that Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) is about to sign on to join the cast of the Pitch Perfect sequel. Chrissie Fit (Disney’s Teen Beach Movie) was also added to the cast earlier this week. No word yet on which characters Steinfeld and Fit will be playing.

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