Comments: Church displays bigotry toward deceased singer

If we gay men and lesbians want religious folks to stop interfering with our lives, then we also have to refrain from interfering in their religious practices. Religious beliefs should not be invoked to deny gay couples the secular benefits of civil marriage, for instance, but neither should any church be forced to hold a religious service that honors behavior it finds sinful.

I agree with you that the bigotry this church is displaying is appalling (though I think it's absolutely "Christian" by contemporary American standards), but in this case, I support their right to be morons.

Posted by Keith at August 15, 2007 5:59 PM

Are you kidding????
Please point out in the bible where Jesus encouraged, applauded or approved of the exclusion of anyone! It is not our job to condemn those who so condemned Mr. Sinclair, however, your congregation does irreversable harm to people everywhere looking for inspiration, looking for hope, seeking the truth about the Creator, seeking to be tolerant, and loving. Our children have now read this article. It was difficult enough to convince them to attend our new church in our new town... Now, we agree. We will NEVER be able to attend where such predjudice and hatred seemingly form the foundation of a group. Is this what unites you?

To save others the time and effort of checking out the church, perhaps you could scan the list below and tell us which of the following are not welcome to your congregation: A simple "W" or "U" (welcome or unwelcome) next to each will suffice:

African Americans
The Mentally Disabled
Tax evaders
Dishonest businessmen
Students who've cheated on tests
Those who lust
Those who drink
Those who covet their neighbors' possessions
Those too motivated by material gain
Those who tell big lies
Those who tell little lies
Those who disagree with any of your teachings
Those who accept others as they are and love as God has loved us

Now, our challenge is to love those who wronged this man and his family. May God grant us tolerance and understanding so that we might forgive.

Posted by The Hannigan Family at August 25, 2007 9:42 AM

Many individuals in the gay community have a hard time when a church makes decisions that make it seem there is no understanding of their life style. Christ has taught us to love and accept people but he never told us to accept their way of life. Usually when theirs a funeral for someone you will speak of their life and how the lived (who they spent tme with or the things they did). So how is it that if a church preaches against homosexuality can they share the life of someone who does not believe the same as that churches doctrine or beliefs. It's important to remember that all of us make our own choices and live with the decisions we make. Just as a gay person has chosen not to attend these churches who preach against their life style then they should not expect churches to had funernal services for them. There are other means to be able to give these person funernal

Posted by Concerned in Colorado at February 4, 2010 1:48 PM
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